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Our digital asset fund is designed for investors seeking high-growth exposure, diversification, and risk protection in the Crypto and Blockchain markets.

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High Growth With Risk Protection

  • Diversification

    Diversify through a selected altcoin portfolio to bring long term value

  • Factor-Based and Data-Driven Investments

    Identify and rank value opportunities at sector level through 3 lens: Growth, Value, and Statistic

  • Risk Mitigation

    Generate high yields from conservative DeFi strategies

Growth & Innovation Blockchain Fund

Key Terms
Minimum Investment $250,000
Subscriptions Monthly
Management Fee 2%
Performance Fee 20%
Lock-up 18 months, on each contribution
Withdrawals 60 days written notice
Early Withdrawal Penalty 5%
Key Terms
Investor Qualifications Investors must be accredited
Offering Summary Investments offered under Regulation D – 506 (c)
Fund Administrator NAV Fund Administration
Fund Auditor Michael Coglianese CPA, P.C

(1) All the terms of the fund are at the General Partner discretion
(2) Penalty applied on the total AUM

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